Power Ledger Price Prediction (POWR) for 2021 and more

Power Ledger Price Prediction 2021

Hello, Crypto enthusiasts today we are doing Power Ledger Price Prediction, But before doing prediction let’s talk about what is power ledger (POWR) and How Power ledger working etc.


Power Ledger (POWR) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency made by an Australian firm called power ledger. It’s used as an energy trading platform that allows for decentralized selling and buying of renewable energy.

The market is based on a dual-token ecosystem operating on two blockchain layers, POWR and Sparkz. Power tokens allow consumers and hosts to provide energy to interface with the ecosystem and are protected through smart bond technology.

Power Ledger is one of the most underrated cryptocurrencies at this time. On 16 November 2021, this coin grow more than 100 percent. After this price hike now most crypto investors want to invest in this currency. They are also curious about the future of this currency, and most of them want to know Power Ledger Price Prediction. so here we try to predict the Power Ledger Price here.

Power Ledger Price Prediction

Power Ledger Price Prediction 2021

In January 2018 this coin already touched 2 USD (120 INR) for some time but after that, we saw a huge drop. After that time we don’t see any price hikes, but in 2021 it’s again doing some movement and roaming around 0.40 (30 INR).

Power Ledger Price Prediction 2021

Usually, after launching this coin, 2 times every we see price hikes but after these hikes prices again drop so we recommend not to buy this coin at a high price. As per our view, you invest when it’s available at 0.11 USD (8 INR).

Today this coin is listed on Coinbase so that might be the reason that this coin gives a 100% return. But this coin is not like other coins. It’s a company coin so it totally depends on the move of the company. So I recommend you if you really invest in this then follow power ledger company and as per my view, Power Ledger Price Prediction 2021 is 1.0 USD (75 INR).

Power Ledger Price Prediction 2022

No one knows what might be the actual price we are just doing prediction based on the algorithm that Power Ledger will see almost a 175% increase in price to about 1.73 USD/POWR by the end of 2022.

Power Ledger Price Prediction 2025

As per algorithm 1 Power Ledger will be available at 3.97 USD by the end of 2025.

Power Ledger Price Prediction 2030

IN 2030 the world change completely. So we can’t predict now maybe 1 Power Ledger will be available at 107 USD by the end of 2030 or may be available at 1000 USD. No one can predict.

Is the power ledger a good investment?

I think if you want to invest for the long term then investing in Power Ledger might be a good investment but if you want to earn fast then there are thousands are good currencies are available on the market, you may invest in them.

Because Power Ledger is a renewable energy-based coin so it might need 2-3 years to grow up.

How do I buy a power ledger?

If you want to buy a power ledger coin then you can from Coinbase, Uniswap, Binance, CoinSwitch.

Here we are showing how to buy power ledger from Binance

To Buy Power Ledger at first login to Binance

buy power ledger from Binance

After successful login click on the wallet and then click on fiat and spot

buy power ledger from Binance

after doing this thing click on search coin and type POW to search. After searching Power Ledger coin appears then click on buy to purchase these.

I hope you got all the answers. If you like this then leave a comment below

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